Be Aware Of

Here is a diagram showing lifecycle and growth development of Australian Ticks. The Paralysis Tick is the one to watch out for, one bite can be fatal or lead to ongoing treatment and can be very expensive. We urge people to use a high quality preventative to reduce the risk of  this happening, all our pedigree's wear the Preventic collar by Virbac. All our puppies receive one collar as a trial for new owners in the THOREOZ puppy pack.

We all know what the result of what a snake bite can do to people and what we need to remember is that the effect of a snake bite to a canine can extremely fast acting with the toxins taking over the body with rapid speed, however thanks to technology there are a few products on the market that can deter the 0 legged kind. The solar powered snake repellers cover a large square meter range and with great success rate.