Puppies for sale

Welcome to the THOREOZ puppies page

Here at Thore Cane Corso we are active members of Dogs NSW since 2011 being reputable, ethical new age pioneers and breeders of the Italian Cane Corso in Australia, Registered as THOREOZ. Our 100% Cane Corso breeding program is to the original rustic style Cane Corso under the FCI “the only recognized breed standard in Australia” by the ANKC our Governing Bodies Nationally. Our program is all about the breed we are active exhibitors & handlers in show, also soon to be handlers of our own highly driven  Australian bred sporting / working pedigrees, we promote the breed correctly with no misleading information and are happy to help other breeders and or owners/enthusiasts along the way. We Do NOT  Puppy Farm or flood the market with multiple litters per month or year and in no way push to have a strangle hold on the breed like the commercial breeders.

Allison is legally blind and labelled an inspiration in the show ring and by the Eurobodalla Training Club, also soon to be mentor for people that are restricted slightly by vision loss to be able to enjoy the benefits of owning and loving a K9 wilts competing at the same time. We only breed twice per year so the number of our puppies is limited. Anyone is welcome to enquire however puppies go only to approved homes.

Before placing a deposit on one of our pedigrees there are a few points to be aware of:

  • All Companion, Show, Sport or Work prospects welcome to enquire
  • Main Register pedigrees are on contract for the entire breeding life, and must be bred to the Pedigrees State/Territory Governing bodies, Code of Ethics
  • Limited Register pedigrees are on contract and come with Vasectomy or Tubes Tied
  • We take advanced reservations for first pic male and female only
  • We do not take deposits based on colour as no one can control the genetics as to what comes out
  • Only pedigrees we believe look to have great temperament, structure for breeding or conformation show homes will be placed
  • work or sporting prospects will only be available to suitable handlers only
  • Price for deposit is $1000.00, It is none refundable and can only be transferred to another up and coming THOREOZ litter
  • There are a few Breeding programs that we do not collaborate with so if you are enquiring about Main Register for breeding be sure to ask what kennels are approved

THOREOZ has male puppies from our latest litter between FAMOSO Oliver X ALLEVATORE Vixen. There is a mix of genetics in this litter with many well known pedigrees, we expect these guys to be big puppies with excellent bone and substance and not too long or short in the muzzle. We are open to some show prospect homes if suitable handler has interest or all others pedigrees will be on NSW Limited Register Pedigree papers, all to have vasectomy, This is one of the newest practices helping with bone development with people de-sexing too early, there are multiple studies that state de-sexing too early on large breed increases the risk of bone development problems this also can stunt growth in large breed dogs. This practice is to keep the growth consistent reducing the risk of rapid or stunted growth when reaching full size